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A discussion of pin holes and transverse cracks on billet is made, taking into accounts its aspect and metallographic features on billet, the evolution during reheating and rolling and the final aspect and metallographic features on bar/wire rod Root causes of these defects and solutions recommended are analyzed for each case

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An IT savvy person with excellent interpersonal skills, flair for problem solving, enjoys managing and leading the team and a strong drive to succeed Specialties: Steel Hot Rolling Mills- Operations, Roll Shop, Reheating Furnaces & Technical Cell, TPM, SWOT Analysis, SOP/SMP, 5S, ISO9001:2008,OHSAS 18001:20017


to cast 160 × 200 mm ingots; roller-hearth furnace 125 m long; rolling mill composed of 25 stands According to the com-pany, the cost they incur to make wire rod of medium-carbon steel have declined by about $6/ton The problem of directly combining the continuous casting and rolling of steel was not solved until the 1960s, the

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Surface defects in wire rod and bar rolling are common and well-known to mill people Nowadays, surface defects are not accepted on high-alloyed steel wire rods

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Buy, sell and rebuild second-hand steel mill equipment worldwide Specializing in hot and cold rolling mills for producing flat and long products; large overhead traveling cranes, continuous casters, process lines, shear andcut-to-length lines, large DC mill motors and equipment take-out and removals

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Corporation are introduced: (1) the new intermediate rolling mill of the wire rod mill of the Kimitsu Works, (2) the high rigidity three-roll-finishing rolling mill of the bar mill of the Yawata Works, (3) endless rolling in the wire rod mill of the Kamaishi Works, and (4) the renewal of pouring reel and its master control system of the bar

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than the cost of energy production [2] By this paper a methodology will be developed for steel wire rod rolling mill for process energy optimization and to develop a robust steel rolling plant with energy considerations II PROBLEM FORMULATION The steel rolling plants consumes high energy and create pollution also [9]

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The conveyor with the hot wire rod enters the cooling chamber in-line Laying head pipe The hot-rolled wire rod, after rolling, is laid on a Stelmor conveyor in the form of a coil with the help of pipe commonly known as 'laying head pipe', rotating at high speed

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1 Hot rolling and rolling defects: 11 Front and back tensions: We have seen that the rolling load is dependent on roll diameter, higher the roll dia, higher the roll force Similarly, smaller reductions requires lower roll force In order to reduce the roll force, we can reduce roll diameter, or reducing the friction


Secondary scale on hot strip and the impact on wear is another issue Stresses from Hertzian pressure in 4-high cold mill back up rolls were measured years ago, the results were never published, but of high interest - also, maybe later K H Schröder July 2003 K H Schröder: A BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF THE MECHANICS OF ROLLING MILL ROLLS

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Long service life mini steel rolling mill/steel rolling mills 0086-18703886379 steel rolling mills 1 Derusting Machine The machine is close type, there have three rotary wheels inside, we could adjust it up and down, it is easier for the raw materials installation, we could put the wire rod ,

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The rolling and finishing group includes Hot Strip Mill, Cold Rolling Mill, Primary Boom Bar Mill, Bar and Wire Rod Mill and Merchant Mill The equipment in rolling and finishing group are subjected to high impact loads , water and scale ingress, high temperature ,

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Surface defects in wire rod and bar rolling are common and well-known to mill people Nowadays, surface defects are not accepted on high-alloyed steel wire rods The steel making, casting and .

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A wire rod rolling mill, for example, gradually reduces the cross-sectional area of a starting billet (eg, 150 mm square, 10-12 meters long) down to a finished rod (as small as 50 mm in diameter, 193 km long) at high finishing speeds (up to 120 m/sec)

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metal shop and rolling mill process The general criteria are summarized in Table 1 TABLE I Tasks Information General information Frequency, position, in one of the strands or in one of the faces of the billet, position in wire rod, influence of some steel grade, etc Microscopic study

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Because aluminum is a difficult material to measure, it is vital that you select the right pyrometer for your application, whatever that may be Whether you are looking for an aluminum infrared temperature sensor for applications in the rolling mill, forging, foundry, or ,

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products like wire rod Standard practice is to inspect the product during further processing and finishing of individual parts in the cold state The general trend today is for testing to also take place on the hot product in the rolling mill itself (Figure 1) As plants are being

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Occurrence : Several fins uniforml y distributed at the periphery of the wire rod can be caused if the finishing pa ss is overfilled because of improper roll adjustment fins can not be avoided at the ends of the coil b ecause of the tension effectFINS Fins are narrow beads running longitudinally

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Merchant mill is specifically used for rolling bars Hot rolling is usually done with two high reversing mill in order to breakdown ingots into blooms and billets For increased productivity, universal mill has two vertical rolls which can control the width of the work simultaneously

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2 In the past, work rolls for hot rolling of flat products were made of Low-C-Steels , 3 The rolling conditions in modern wire/rod mills are even nicer than in hot strip mills , strength are required and can solve this problem 612 Hot rolling at high temperature reduces roll separating force and

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The product range of these mills usually consists of those shaped and sectional products whose cross-section is smaller than the cross section of the products rolled in medium and heavy section rolling mills Wire rod mills produces steel wire rods of diameters 5 mm to 125 mm in coil form with the weight of the coil upto 25 tons

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The current work focuses on the microstructures produced on a pilot rolling mill, located in the IA11 Technology Processing Center (TPC), and a production rolling mill, located in the IA11 Bar and Wire (B&W) department Major differences in process capability between the two mills arc maximum roll

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A Mechanical Engineer with MBA in Operations Management having +21 years experience in various sections of Hot Rolling Steel Mills -Operations, Roll Shop, Reheating furnaces, Technical Cell Leader of various task forces to solve critical organizational & operational problems

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What Are Some Great Uses for My Rolling Mill? There are several different ways that a rolling mill can be used Rolling out ingots, sheet or wire Imprinting on sheet metal, foldforming, and mokume gane are a just a few of the ways rolling mills are commonly used Here are the simple steps for using a rolling mill to thin sheet or wire:

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systems of aluminum sheet rolling mills Kosher certi ed Non-Ferrous Sheet Cold Rolling LMINM HOT SHEET ROLLING Aluminum hot rolling of fiat sheet is a highly sensitive metalworking process, requiring experienced technical support and carefully designed lubricants The Non-Ferrous rolling industry relies on Houghton for


in the meltshop or/and rolling mill process This general criteria is summarised in table I Tasks Information General information frequency, position, in one of the strands or in one of the faces of the billet, position in the bar or wire rod (in one or some longitudinal lines), influence of ,

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Part 1 Production scale, raw materials and product specifications 1 Workshop production scale: Rated working time of the year 6500 hours, the annual production tells 600,000 tons of non-twisted hot rolled wire rod products

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what are the defects in rod rolling mill – Grinding Mill , are the defects in rod rolling mill Behaviour of Surface Defects in Wire Rod Rolling In bar and Wire rod rolling, steel is heated above its temperature of recrystallization and passed through several grooves in the rolling mill Read More >>

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Hani is the leader of steel rolling mill equipment from China with decades experience engineers, we provide a wide range of rolling mill including bar & wire rod rolling mill, continuous section rolling mill and electric arc furnace

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reversible, rolling in an intermediate mill and in a finishing mill, possible followed by some kind of heat treatment For steel qualities that can be deformed at higher speeds without problems, some of the last passes can be performed in a wire block The difference between shape rolling and hot strip rolling is that instead of flat rolls, the .