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Inspection of railroad ballast using geophysical method C Plati, A Loizos* and V Papavasiliou LaboratoryofHighwayEngineering, DepartmentofTransportationPlanning .


electromagnetic properties of the fouled materials in order to be able to create an image of the rail cross section Start testing the fiber optic sensors on a rail track

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electromagnetic properties of the fouled materials in order to be able to create an image of the rail cross section The research team will buid and start the large scale ballast track model in the Structructural laboratory

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Non-Destructive Evaluation of Railway Track Using Ground Penetrating Radar SUMMARY The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Office of Research and Development sponsored a study under the Track and Structures Program for evaluating railway track ,

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The first objective of the research is to find a measure of the ballast performances, in order to track their evolution along the service life The purpose is to measure the ballast mechanical properties under the sleeper, where the stresses due to traffic loading and tamping action are concentrated

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To determine the correlation between water content or fouling of a railroad track and ground-penetrating radar (GPR) signals, a full-scale railway track model was designed and constructed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst A track section was simulated by creating a model consisting of rails and ties placed on a ballast layer on a subballast layer

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The focus of the research investigations is how SHM technologies are used to determine the condition of virtually every component of a rail line, including rolling stock, motors, track, ballast, coupling, welds, and bearings—as well as infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels

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2 Railway ballast 6 21 Ballast materials, requirements and properties 6 22 Experimental measurements on ballast 7 23 Ballast modelling 8 3 Track settlement 9 31 Experimental measurements on track settlements 11 32 Track stiffness measurements 12 33 Modelling ballast and track settlements 14 4

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This paper conducts an investigation of the GPR scattering response to the railway ballast aggregate layer by providing a comprehensive study of factors affecting the radar signal including; ballast grading (particle size distribution), particle shape, void size and the electromagnetic properties of the ballast (dielectric, conductivity .

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nonsinusoidal electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging from 10 MHz to 4 GHz GPR may be applied to a wide range of inspection tasks, for example to detect buried services (pipes, cables), for inspection of layering in roads and railway ballast, or for detailed mapping of steel reinforcing in concrete structur

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To investigate whether the condition of the railway ballast can be classified by the dielectric constant, ε r, — or the velocity of propagation of electromagnetic wav 2 The suitability of the 500 or the 900 MHz GPR antennas in providing adequate penetration and of producing clear images of ,

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Nevertheless, the application of GPR to assess the ballast condition is a challenging task because the material electromagnetic properties are sensitive to both the ballast grading and water content

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Earlier research at the University of Edinburgh enabled researchers One of the current approaches to evaluating the stiffness of railway ballast is to use a Table 33 List of electromagnetic properties for various materials (Clark, 2001)

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Properties of Fouled Railroad Ballast (Phase 1) Report # MATC-KU: 465 Final Report Robert Parsons PhD, PE Professor , A Report on Research Sponsored by Mid-America Transportation Center University of Nebraska-Lincoln , A rail track structure is designed to provide a stable, safe, and efficient path for trains to .

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Abstract Ground penetrating radar (GPR) has been employed to assess railway track substructure (ballast, subballast, and subgrade) conditions GPR involves transmitting radar pulses into the substructure and measuring return signals that have reflected off boundaries between substructure layers with different electromagnetic properti

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by the use of GPR, various research studies have been conducted to optimize the GPR equipment setup and develop innovative data-processing and analysis techniqu Jack and Jackson used 450-and 900-MHz GPR antennae to provide the image attributes of the ballast and subgrade (1) A fixed electromagnetic (EM) velocity

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Ballast For Railways - Railway Ballast Quebec - , Railway ballast is one of the most essential and demanding purposes for crushed stone, as it is vital for railroad infrastructureCall or walk into Lamarche McGuinty today to find the best ballast for your most demanding and important projects

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Electromagnetism is a branch of physics involving the study of the electromagnetic force, , particularly the establishment of the speed of light based on properties of the "medium" of propagation , His findings resulted in intensive research throughout the scientific community in electrodynamics

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Field Validation of Polyurethane Technology in Remediating,- electromagnetic properties railway ballast research,This study demonstrates its applicability and effectiveness in remediating rail The ballast was of poor condition; multiple ballast types and fines were present between materials with contrasting electromagnetic properties .

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Automatic classification of ground-penetrating-radar signals for railway-ballast assessment IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 49(10 Part2): 3961 – 3972 , investigation of glacier and ice sheet thickness and structure Degenhardt, JJ Jr 2009

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It was through the electromagnetic properties that the volumetric amount of fines and moisture present within the ballast and the type of subballast material were altered

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to be established between in-service track fouling levels and ballast size and shape properties using similar field imaging techniques would help to better understand , Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenance, J Pombo, (Editor), , In the current research study, aggregate image analysis and segmentation techniques are used .

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Electromagnetic Properties Railway Ballast Research electromagnetic properties railway ballast research-- CMS , development of a time frequency approach to quantify , properties of high performance railway ballast

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1 This University of Edinburgh research demonstrated that railway ballast could be 2 fingerprinted using GPR 3 Scattering Analysis and Fouling Detection 4 The GPR research at Edinburgh used bowtie antennas, whereas research at the Transportation

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The US Navy Office of Naval Research has released new video of a test of BAE Systems’ electromagnetic railgun, a hypervelocity weapon that has a ,

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Electromagnetic Properties Railway Ballast Research Electromagnetic Properties Railway Ballast Research electromagnetic properties railway ballast the material must be capable of charring properties and, , Read more ballast protection against sand storm in railway More

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transmits an electromagnetic wave into the terrain with a propagation velocity that depends on a set of properties that can be translated into subtle variations of the platform conditions The use of GPR has allowed to determine accurately ballast thickness, to estimate its quality (fouling degree) and to

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"GPR involves transmitting radar pulses into the substructure and measuring return signals that have reflected off boundaries between substructure layers with different electromagnetic properti The principle electromagnetic property of the layers is the dielectric permittivity, which is a function of the density, water content and type of .


develop ASTM standards tailored for field representative ballast sampling and laboratory testing Field techniques for testing ballast, eg, ground penetrating radar, will also be discussed The symposium will end with a panel discussion developing a list of Ballast Research and Test Method Needs