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Beverly Cheryl Crusher MD, is a Human who was a Starfleet officer who served as chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise-D for many years from 2364 to 2371, under Captain Jean-Luc Picard, with a brief stint serving as head of Starfleet Medical in 2365

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Beverly Crusher comments at one point in this episode that “great explorers are often lonely,” which is a good metaphor for being a CEO It’s lonely at the top

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Beverly Crusher was born Beverly Howard on October 13, 2324, in Copernicus City, Luna Her ancestors were Scottish-Americans Following the death of her parents when she was very young, she lived with her grandmother, Felisa Howard on Arvada III, a colony planet until a moon collision caused the planet to flood, forcing its evacuation

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Doctor Beverly Crusher It was put out there quite early in the series and was a constant tightrope walk for both character throughout the entire run of the storied show But Captain Picard’s and Doctor Beverly Crusher’s relationship was deep and complex, straddling a line between precious friendship and hidden, and somewhat forbidden, feelings

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Aug 10, 2015· Dr Crusher is enjoying herself at StarFleet Medical

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Dr Crusher has consistently shown to be not only thorough but conscientious in her daily work and routine She is a superior scientist in various fields of research medicine such as xenoimmunology, curing or treating the so-called Tsiolkovsky virus, the airborne virus known as Ligonese poison, and .

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Beverly Crusher Sues Captain Jean Luc Picard for Sexual Harrassment! Views: 74 Rub my bald head Beverly! Rub it! Already reeling from the #Ferengilivesmatter movement, Starfleet was hit with a second scandal, this time on board its flagship the Enterprise , Manhattan Infidel on Veteran Actor Edward James Olmos Murdered by His Mustache!

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Captain Beverly Picard is a Legendary [5-star] crew member Captain Beverly Picard is a version of Crusher from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "All Good Things," (7x25/26)

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In 1987, McFadden was cast as Dr Beverly Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation The Crusher character was slated to be Captain Jean-Luc Picard's love interest; another important aspect of the character was being a widow balancing motherhood and a career

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A blog dedicated to Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Doctor Beverly Crusher, from Star Trek: The Next Generation

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The USS Pasteur (NCC-58925) was a Federation Olympic-class rescue/hospital ship starship in service in the 24th and 25th centuri The Pasteur was named for a Human doctor and medical scientist of history , Louis Pasteur

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Safe Haven by Heather Smyth© Doctor Beverly Crusher hummed gently to herself as she strode purposefully through the corridors of the Starship Enterprise

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Beverly Cheryl (née Howard) Crusher, MD was a Federation Starfleet officer on active duty in at least the 24th century Contents[show] Early life She was born ,

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Star Trek: First Contact

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Nov 04, 2007· Maybe Crusher saw what happened to Daren in "Lessons" and decided it would be better not to go there Which brings up the point that the first time the good captain decided to dip his pen in the company inkwell it wasn't with Beverly Crusher Edited to add: I have to agree with WillsBabe, the "Wesley is Picard's lovechild" idea just doesn't fly

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When she and Captain Picard are escaping through the cave, Dr Crusher says she "smells gas" and then identifies the gas as methanogenic While Methane is odorless in its natural state; the "gas smell" is the result of adding an odorant so that gas can be smelled when it ,

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Beverly Crusher holds the rank of Commander as well as being the ship's Chief Medical Officer She periodically acts as OOD (Officer of the Deck) on the night shift but remains outside the normal command hierarchy at other tim

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Captain’s Log: The Enterprise is evaluating a request by the Kes—one of two nations on Kesprytt III—for associate membership in the Federation The other nation, the Prytt, have no interest .

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Beverly Crusher and Jean-Luc Picard (Gates McFadden and Patrick Stewart) Find this Pin and more on Star Trek by Roy H Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek the Next Generation! Too bad this was photo shopped Love me some Picard and Crusher ozbaxter: “ The Days of the ” Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher See more

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Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher had started a relationship, but are having some trouble adjusting to each other Especially on a planet where Picard must act as a mediator for a trade dispute with Ferengi

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Personal History: Commander Beverly Cheryl Crusher, MD, (née Howard) was the chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D and its successor, the USS Enterprise-E, both under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard

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Beverly Crusher Of all the connections Jean-Luc Picard shared with crew members, none were as strong as the bond between him and Beverly Crusher The two played the constant "will they or won't they" game throughout the show and successive films, but only tied the knot in an alternate timeline that resulted in a failed marriage

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Well, we did have Picard and Crusher stranded together and alone on a ship Once, in season 4's "Remember Me", for all of maybe 4 minutes, until Picard disappeared from Beverly,

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Nope Picard was a man who (probably) loved Beverly Crusher and considered Jack Crusher a good friend He had great regret for both not being able to save Jack and then "betraying" Jack by feeling the way he did about Beverly